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Language & Translation Solutions offers high quality, state-of-the-art translation services for the following business types:


Translate complex industrial user manuals, instruction manuals, software (i.e. user interface, help files) for product families.  Translate composite product manuals (i.e. fiberglass, roofing, and roving). 

Legal and Financial

Translate various business operations documents including software license agreements, employee benefit manuals, insurance policies, tax documents, contracts, business conduct documents, retirement benefits manuals, and employee newsletters.


Translate medical literature for hospital web sites, medical brochures, patient instructions, and web-based magazines.

Marketing & Advertising

Translate a variety of marketing and sales promotion documents ranging in size from 2 to 50 pages.  Translate specific case studies solutions for various industries.


Translate any required State School District Reports such as Student Evaluations, Individual Education Programs, Student Services and Special Education, and Counseling.  Will also translate student and parent school forms, letters, and newsletters, etc. for elementary, middle and high schools.